Be Polite
Treat others as you would like to be treated. No personal attacks will be tolerated. You may be warned after your first offense; repeated offenses may get you banned from the board. Spirited discussions are allowed and even encouraged. But please keep your focus on the topic and not the poster. Moderators and Administrators have final say in this matter.Some members may not use English as their primary language. Please grant them a little extra leeway when reading or responding to their posts.
You can advertise, but we do not allow any unpaid advertising of products, services, resources for hire, or open positions. In this blog is not allow also job offers and requests for work.


In this blog is not allow to publish URLs to web sites in which they have a commercial interest in. These include but are not limited to commission or referral hyperlinks.


Posts unrelated to the forum topics are not allowed. Cross-posting the same message on multiple forums is not allowed.A “me too�? post is a post that doesn’t add anything to the discussion. Bumping is defined as posting two or more times in succession without adding anything new to the issue you are trying to address. Posts considered to be spam will be deleted and repeat abuse will get you banned.

Copyright Infringement

Do not post material that is owned or copyrighted by another party. You may post links to that material or provide excerpts with proper annotation and credit.

Illegal Services

Do not post requests for illegal services.


Legal or not, we do not allow posting of or links to pornography, pornography related materials, or anything else that may be considered offensive.


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