Creating BO Security Matrix using SBOPRepositoryExplorer

This post contains how we can create an useful security matrix in SAP BO BI using the SBOPRepositoryExplorer connector.

Shortly I want to show you next content for this example of security matrix:

  • Access Levels (ACLs) definition;
  • Groups and Users Relation;
  • Application Rights;
  • Folder Rights;
  • Universe Rights;
  • Connection Rights.

1. How to extract ACLs

 Using the universe provided in SBOPRepositoryExplorer and WebIntelligence:


We could use next dimensions to extract the ACLs from our CMS repository:

rightsACLs1 rightsACLs2 rightsACLs3


Next step is create some required variables for our example:


=If ([Specific Right]=0 And [Right Group Name]<>�?General�?)

     Then “Overwrite General�?


               If ([Specific Right]=1 And [Right Group Name]<>�?General�?)

                    Then “Specific Right�?


=If  (Count([CRole Right ID]) Where([CRole Right Granted]=1))>0

     Then 1


               If (Count([CRole Right ID]) Where([CRole Right Granted]=0))>0

                    Then 0

                         Else Count([CRole Right ID])

Now we can create a cross-table like:


 And for the values ( IsGranted) we can use conditional formatting rules:


rightsACLs7 rightsACLs8

 And the final result is (example):



2. Groups and Users Relation

For thiskind of content we can use different perspectives/views in function of our requirements, but anyway, we can use next basic dimensions:



 Here we have an example with:

 “Group Name�?

“User Name�?

 and for the value we can define next formula:

=If Count([Group Name])>=1

     Then “X�?

          Else “�?


 Other example using full path:


 3. Application Rights

For applications we can use next dimensions:

 rightsGroups5 rightsGroups6


 A possible example:


 4. Folder Rights

For folder rights we can use the same logic than application rights:

 rightsFolders1 rightsFolders2 rightsFolders3

 5. Universe Rights

 In next example we are showing rights for universe folders:

 rightsUniverses1 rightsUniverses2 rightsUniverses3

6. Connection Rights

 Like the previous one we can use next dimensions:

 rightsConnections1 rightsConnections2 rightsConnections3

This is a simple way to create online our security matrix for SAP BO BI.


Thanks and enjoy!

Jorge Sousa

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