SBOPRepositoryExplorer v2.0.4 Released

Dear all, there is available to dowload new version with next new corrections and new features: - XML queries definition that contains sub-properties like: SI_PROPERTY.SI_DETAIL never was loaded. Now it is possible to use...

SBOPRepositoryExplorer v2.0.3 Released

Dear all, It’s a pleasure to say that a new version was released with next new features: Was added support and abilities to connect from IDT to CMS of BOBJ XI R2 (Some tables in universe are not available for

How to list SAP BO BI documents in public folders never used

This post shows a possible way to list SAP BO BI documents never used by users in the SAP BO BI platform using SAP BO BI Universe in SBOPRepositoryExplorer combining with SAP BO BI Audit Universe. Prerequisites: Some required components:

How to know which users who never login in SAP BO BI with WebIntelligence

This post shows some possible ways to show in WebIntelligence who never login in the platform using SAP BO BI Universe in SBOPRepositoryExplorer and in the second method combining with SAP BO BI Audit Universe. Also it can be a

How to list LCM Jobs in SAP BO WebIntelligence

This post shows one possible way to create the list of SAP BO LCM jobs using the SAP BO BI Universe in SBOPRepositoryExplorer.   Prerequisites: Some required components: SAP BO BI 4.x Platform; XML file with predefined CMS query; IDT

SBOPRepositoryExplorer v2.0.2 Released

Dear all, It was detected in some versions of SAP BO BI 4.1 SPx for WRC and SAP BO BI WebI Server Side, doesn’t works in DDK the function to read CONFIGURATION parameters from SAP BO .COD files used in

New version of SBOPRepositoryExplorer (v2.0.1)

After some hard work, now we have a new release (2.0.1) with new fantastic features  of SBOPRepositoryExplorer:  Personal Tables (XML): whith this release we have the option to configure a personal XML file with our personal CMS queries and convert/import

Creating BO Security Matrix using SBOPRepositoryExplorer

This post contains how we can create an useful security matrix in SAP BO BI using the SBOPRepositoryExplorer connector. Shortly I want to show you next content for this example of security matrix: Access Levels (ACLs) definition; Groups and Users

How to prevent: a simple user can discover the password for SAP BO BI connections

Exist a simple way to recover a password from a SAP BO BI Relational Connection with few code lines when you forgot or when you need to see if all security rules in your security baseline are working as expected

SAP BusinessObjects BI Utilities

Welcome to SNAPSPACE Blog for the SAP BusinessObjects BI Utilities. Here you can find some tips using and managing SAP BO BI and information about some tools to explore and add value to some functionalities in SAP BO BI platform.


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