SBOPRepositoryExplorer v3.0.3 (comercial's version and free version's) Released

New features and corrections with the release 3.0.3 of SBOPRepositoryExplorer (comercial and free).

In this release you can find many improvements and important changes from a free version perspective:

  • CUSTOMROLES_RIGHTS is not completed when a description contains special characters
  • Security in BO XI R2 now it's possible to retrieve information correctly
  • Performance Issue in queries improved. Table users was split in two: USERS and USERS_DETAIL. SAP BO BI CMS takes long time with some data like SI_FULLNAME & SI_EMAIL
  • Universe Folder Name is getting now the correct value
  • Connection Folder Name is getting now the correct value
  • Tables have missed some fields (personal folders)
  • All these 8 fields have values: Connection Database, Connection Is Olap, Connection Networklayer, Connection Timestamp, Connection Uses Dbmapping, Connection Uses SSO, Connection Client Params, Connection Is BICS
  • Folders Performance improvement
  • Favourites Folders Performance improvement
  • and many others where you can see more details in the Version.txt included in the zip file.
Added new features:
  • New Users hierarchy options, two ways to understand the relation between users and groups:
        + user is member of what groups (included children and parents in the path) --> GROUPS_FLATHIERARCHY
        + Groups and their structure and users included directly in such groups --> GROUPS_HIERARCHY
  • See password in relational connections
  • Schedule Status: Success, Failed, Paused labels
  • Predefined dates for filters: Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, This Year and even Next Week, Next Month, Next Year, etc for Schedules, Instances and LCM Jobs
  • Measures with numbers workaround found for DATATYPE (adding +0)
  • Use time and time prompts
  • More filters for time period in the universe
  • Adted also to 4.2 Version. In some installations it requires to create the connector manually and copy the open.sbo from scrach.

This release is available in the comercial version and also in the free version! Please see what is the difference between free version and commercial versions in the Feature Matrix

Jorge Sousa

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